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Mall Introduction
Shenzhen Tonghua Weiye Technology co,Ltd.
Your Answer to Drop-shipping Problems
Address: 305-309 Room 3/F, Huanlinda E-commerce Park, NO.70-2 Changjiangpu Rd HeAo LonggangDistrict, Shenzhen 518100, China
Phone #: 86-755-23101195 Skype:
We assign every client a dedicated client manager who has a high English proficiency.They will manage your account with us, organize and carry out all your project requests, answerany queries regarding order status or ongoing projects, provide attentive customer service and keep you updated with your financial and fulfilment status with our company.


  • Competitive pricing
     Based on previous performance, we are able to source your desired products of the same quality at a cheaper price than you currently get. This is because we source and order directly from reputable factories that only deal with Chinese companies. These are the same factories that manufacture goods for Alibaba and Ali-Express agents, meaning we eliminate those middle-men and the associated markup, giving you the biggest savings.

  • Access to all products
     We source only from the top certified factories to ensure the products are of the highest quality.

  • Quality Assurance
    We source only from the top certified factories to ensure the products are of the highest quality.


  • Order Automation
     No more worries to fulfill orders 1 by 1 in Aliexpress, eBay, Amazon and etc… We do the hard work for you with no charge  GUARANTEED! We deliver tracking numbers within 24-48 hours depending on volume.

  • Protection and Isurance
     Before we ship every order, we conduct a quality check to ensure the products are not damaged. We take pride and care when packaging orders and have a wide range of protective bubble wraps, airbags, and padded envelopes to suit all products, so you can rest assured that your customers receive your items in the best possible condition.

  • Your choice of shipping line
     We work only with the best and most reliable E-packet couriers as well as national couriers such as China Post, China Eastern Post among many more. Premium shipping lines such as DHL and FedEx are also available.


  • Start to finish service
     Differentiate yourself from the pack with custom packaging, boxes, shipping bags,custom notes/cards.

     With our custom packaging service, we source certified manufacturers to produce your branded packages, help you negotiate the best deals in terms of MOQ, pricing and lead times.

     We recommend ordering three standard sizes of packaging; small, medium and large –this will accommodate for varying order sizes. It is also highly recommended to order custom thank you note and discount codes as an effective way to retarget your customers and improve retention.

     We repackage all your items into your custom designs before sending them out in your branded shipping bags. This can be done for a low standard fee per order.


  • Start to finish service
     E-commerce is a fiercely competitive industry and it is inevitable that multiple competitors will be selling the same products. Stay one step ahead of your competition with OEM branded products.

     We will assist you in sourcing a certified factory capable of producing OEM products up to your standard, negotiate the terms of the deal including MOQ and pricing, and even any modifications to the original product if you wish. We also conduct regular checks during the production stage to ensure product quality and production is on schedule.
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Mall Introduction